Strategic Planning

Most businesses are founded by entrepreneurs who have a vision of where they would like to go but are all too soon swallowed up by the day to day running of their business and quickly have very little time to think strategically. Other companies may have been established for some time and have reached a pivotal point in their development and a strategic plan is needed to take them to the next level. The PEM team is expert in facilitating strategic planning in these scenarios. We have all the necessary experience and tools with the Pivotal Map™ to develop an effective strategy and implementation plan to deliver the strategy.

The future vision of where each individual business wants to be shapes the level of support that PEM offers clients. This support can be on a: one-off, project by project or ongoing basis. Some clients want to pursue a high growth strategy and use PEM’s expertise to minimise the risks and share some of the rollercoaster experiences faced by owner-managers. Other clients may want to retain or marginally increase its current market share and need a fresh strategy.

As well as time clients also buy into PEM’s unique experiences, objectivity in developing achievable plans and building a long term relationship. PEM now has a healthy portfolio of retained clients as we have proved our value and clients are more than happy to outsource business support and in some cases invite PEM to take a non-Executive Director role.

Whatever position you are in, PEM’s success in providing sound advice and practical support will put you in a much stronger position with a clear direction for the future..

Download The Pivotal Map™ (pdf)