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Sharing Client Experiences

PEM's last newsletter focussed on different client experiences in terms of how they had made a success of marketing from a rebrand, strategic support, improving internal communications right through to making the most of marketing assets like good photography. By bringing all these success stories together it was hoped that it would inspire other people to take marketing to the next level in their business. Overall there was some very positive feedback and the next newsletter will update everyone on how the four clients profiled have grown their businesses.

PEM collaborate with HMRC to support businesses

HMRC letterhead with pound coins

Through PEM’s association with Mentorsme we received a call from Declan Slattery at HMRC’s Business Education & Support Team about how we could use our website to promote a broad range of useful information to support businesses. This information is available in many different forms from mobile apps to free workshops as well as an HMRC Tax Widget which is worth taking a look at.

So whether you are an employer, a self-employed individual or are even just thinking about starting out on your own, the information should prove invaluable.

Attention to detail to avoid £1,000 fine

For those that know me well I may come across as being pedantic about simple marketing activities like email sign-off but if a company does not have the correct information on its business stationery and this includes email sign-offs, it could mean a £1,000 fine from Companies House.

Mentoring best treatment for torn Achilles

The PEM team are Mentors registered under the Mentorsme web portal and earlier this year received a call from business owner Tom Raftery who was having a pivotal moment. Tom had torn an Achilles tendon, after playing squash and he was going to be in plaster for weeks. He seized the opportunity to start thinking about a bigger picture for the company he had been running since 2008 with business partner Mike Wood.

Accelerating Business Growth

An innovative £200 million programme to help up to 26,000 of England’s brightest businesses achieve their ambition and potential, as well as creating 55,000 high value jobs has been launched by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). GrowthAccelerator is being delivered by a consortium of private sector partners including Winning Pitch who is the lead delivery partner for the North of England.

Win a £10,000 Prize, Free Ads and Meaden as Your Mentor

Deborah Meaden

Over 500 newspapers have launched the Local Business Accelerators campaign, led by Deborah Meaden. Businesses aged between one and five years old can enter LBA for the chance to win a free ad campaign in their local paper and mentoring support from local business leaders. The overall LBA winner will receive a year’s mentoring from Deborah Meaden, an ad campaign devised by a top London ad agency, and a £10k cash prize from the Business Growth Fund.