VIP Appointment

PEM assisted client Sarah Clarke of Armchair Opticians with a VIP visit as part of ongoing marketing support. NHS award winning Optometrist Sarah Clarke had a special appointment with Macclesfield's MP David Rutley.

David visited Sarah and her staff at her independent practice to find out more about the two Innovation in Healthcare NHS Northwest Awards that she won in recognition of her services to providing care in the wider community.

The awards enabled Sarah to expand home eye care services, using more advanced techniques for testing people's sight in their own homes and greater collaboration with other healthcare staff.

Following the awards Sarah analysed the experience of over 100 patients. 73% of the patients surveyed are aged over 80 years old but only 11% were aware of their entitlement to a free NHS Home Eye Test; 78% reported vision problems at the time of their eye test. An estimated 14% of falls and associated hospital admissions could be avoided through improved eyesight.

David said “Sarah demonstrated to me how her forward thinking patient approach benefits many in our community. I was most impressed with Armchair Opticians' home eye care service and this fits in so well with improving services for our ageing population.”

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