No Nonsense Marketing

Penny Lines (left) of No-Nonsense Marketing and Vicky Greenhalgh (right) agreeing on the smooth transition of clients to PEM

Penny Lines of No Nonsense Marketing has worked with PEM since 2007 when she and Vicky were introduced by a mutual friend. The introduction lead to a number of successful collaborations on client projects, notably event management for design software company Autodesk, and sustainability champions, Groundwork Cheshire.

Penny and Vicky's similar ‘no nonsense’ approach to the world of marketing has been extended by specialisms in different areas such as telemarketing (Vicky) and reference marketing (Penny). In fact, the ‘Dynamic Duo’ have formed such a strong partnership, that as Penny prepares to take up a “job offer she couldn't refuse”, she has elected to give the majority of No Nonsense Marketing's clients to PEM.

“Vicky and I are so similar it's uncanny,” Penny observes. “I know my clients will be in very safe and professional hands and in lots of ways, it'll be great to be able to keep in touch with their progress through PEM. Vicky and I have become firm friends too, so our introduction was clearly meant to be.”

PEM's new client roster is set to expand to include a software developer, a contract cleaning company, a credit management company, a decorative lighting company and a technology consulting specialist.

“We marketing professionals have to wear many hats,” Penny explains, “and Vicky is definitely a master in the multi-tasking department. I know you'll do a great job, Vicky, and thank you for helping me to bring my freelance business to a tidy and professional conclusion. I will sleep well at night knowing you're in charge.”

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