Foot down on Growth Accelerator

PEM recently set up an introductory meeting between Vikki Stankus, Growth Manager for GrowthAccelerator and the Smarter Business Team at Groundwork Cheshire, which is one of the foremost environmental consultancies in Cheshire.

Vicky Greenhalgh, Director at PEM has been working with Groundwork Cheshire for nearly 3 years to assist with marketing a government funded Resource Efficiency review for companies to make cost savings and reduce their carbon footprint. PEM also works as a Growth Coach with GrowthAccelerator clients, so it was a natural step for PEM to introduce the two and explore how GrowthAccelerator might help SMEs who have used Groundwork Cheshire’s services.

As well as GrowthAccelerator providing additional value to what Groundwork Cheshire can offer its clients, companies signing-up to GrowthAccelerator, who have ambitions to grow by at least 20% per annum, may in turn benefit from services provided by the Smarter Business team. Ian Melton, Programme Manager at Groundwork Cheshire said “This is a win-win situation for all our clients who are committed to growth. Smarter Business can help organisations with cost savings and support, particularly with environmental, health, safety and quality issues moving forward.”

Vicky said “We were very keen to get the GrowthAccelerator service introduced to Groundwork Cheshire as the Smarter Business team has already engaged with over 1,000 companies. For PEM’s part we have successfully implemented marketing support that attracted over 300 companies and £3,654,721 of potential savings have been identified amongst these SMEs.”

The future success of GrowthAccelerator will be driven by referrals from intermediaries like Groundwork Cheshire as well as from Growth Coaches like us.

She added “We have had a really good response from our direct clients who have signed up to GrowthAccelerator. Some of them are also using the Leadership & Management funding to run in tandem or use at the end of GrowthAccelerator.”

She continued “As we retain the vast majority of our clients we know those who grow by working with GrowthAccelerator will present us with more opportunities to grow our business.”

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