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Why is Performance Management important?

One of the biggest issues facing many owner managers is that they are so involved in their day to day activities that they rarely have the time or resources to think strategically about their business. One of the key elements to an organisation's success is to have a strategic plan and to ensure that it is effectively communicated and embraced by all staff. The best way to achieve this is to implement a Performance Management system.

Olympic Countdown

PEM's client, health and safety experts Vita Safety was one of a group of Northwest businesses who were represented at a visit to the Olympic Park organised by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). During the visit, Ian Hutchings, Vita Safety's MD had the opportunity to meet the ODA Supply Chain Team as well as several main contractors including Balfour Beatty, Carillion and the Buckingham Group.

Community Lionhearts

For the second year running PEM has been involved with the national enterprise competition, the Lionheart Challenge, mentoring young people in business skills.

This year, Vicky Greenhalgh was invited to be a judge at the first ever Mini Lionheart Challenge, following the success of the annual event for over 30,000 Key Stage 4 students from across the UK.

The Mini event for Key Stage 2 children involved judging 22 teams who, with the support of trained business coaches, were asked to design an educational toy or game for pre-school children.

Flying the Flag

With a commitment to giving back to the local community, PEM was invited to an Army Presentation Team evening at Shrigley Hall.

This was a flag flying exercise to place the Army in society as well as informing the audience on what life is like in the Army. Three officers and two soldiers, all with recent operational experience presented what the Army are doing, how they are continually improving and how they are both accountable and responsible.