Mentoring & Coaching

PEM provides support and encouragement to clients who want to develop their businesses. Mentoring and coaching is done on an individual basis or at board level where the directors really value external guidance. This is a perfect situation where the owner-manager can talk through ideas and plans in an objective way. The team use its expertise and experience to guide clients giving them the confidence to maximise on their true potential.

Over the years PEM has engaged in one-to one mentoring and group coaching sessions. The one-to-one sessions have proved to be very popular with owner managers who want to spend more time working on the business instead of working in it 24/7. Similarly the group sessions have been geared towards owner managers who want to delegate more responsibility to other members of the management team.

Under the NWDA’s Mentoring programme, PEM engaged with a number of small business owners who for various reasons found it extremely useful to openly discuss what was holding their businesses back. The companies were able to talk through different approaches to overcoming a broad range of challenges from a demerger to improving the company image amongst existing clients.

With our experience in mentoring and coaching, PEM is now accredited to the portal. This is a national online gateway developed by the British Bankers’ Association for SMEs looking for mentoring services.

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